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May 2020

Episode 11: June 2020 HORROR Holidays!

As the pandemic lockdown continues, canceling theater releases and parades, Lauren Spear decided the horror community will NOT have a sucky boring month of June! Tune in to hear her suggestions for how to turn EVERY day of June into a fun, horror-lovin’ celebration!

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FULL written transcript (with images): https://horrorfam.com/june-2020-horror-holidays

May 2020

Episode 10: Frank Spear - Writer, Husband, and HORROR Fan!


After a brief unintended hiatus due to equipment issues, the HorrorFam.com Podcast is BACK! This week, Lauren's guest is her husband and HorrorFam.com co-founder: FRANK SPEAR!


Frank is always behind-the-scenes at HorrorFam.com, but now you'll really get to know him (and Lauren, since Frank threw some of the interview questions back in her court!). The Spear duo chatted about growing up loving the horror genre, modern versus classic horror movies, horror books, horror video games, and zooooooooooooooooombies!


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FULL written transcript for this episode (with images) available here: https://horrorfam.com/introducing-frank-spear

Apr 2020

Episode 9: Dissecting Johnny, The Horror Hack!


Get to know Johnny, The Horror Hack, as Lauren Spear analyzes his horror-centric YouTube content on this week’s episode of the HorrorFam.com Podcast!

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Johnny’s Links:


FULL written transcript for this episode: https://horrorfam.com/horror-hack-interview

Apr 2020

Episode 8: Heather Landry Discusses The Cradle of the Worm!


Horror illustrator Heather Landry AKA Sandpaperdaisy is officially a horror-fantasy novelist! Heather debuted her first novel, The Cradle of the Worm, as a HorrorFam.com FREEBIE on April 13th, 2020. Now, four days later, she joins Lauren Spear to discuss the book’s themes, her 25-year(!) writing process, and how — by pure coincidence — The Cradle of the Worm ended up becoming eerily “topical” during 2020’s pandemic.

Stay tuned until the very end for a reading of Chapter One of The Cradle of the Worm!

Heather’s Links:

Get your FREE copy of The Cradle of the Worm by Heather Landry: https://horrorfam.com/free-horror-fantasy-novel/

Heather’s horror illustrations/comics: https://sandpaperdaisy.com

Follow Heather on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sandpaperdaisy

Follow Heather on Instagram: https://instagram.com/sandpaperdaisy

The Cradle of the Worm: Chapter One Audiobook Info/Credits:

The bloody actions of two fearsome strangers force a sheltered young man to embark on a perilous journey.

Ratings/Warnings: PG-13 for violence, blood, death or dying, harm to animals, kidnapping and abduction.

Read by Elliot Cantu. ETC.Voicestudio@gmail.com

Edited by Heather Landry and Kim Cantu.


FULL Written Transcript: https://horrrorfam.com/author-heather-landry 

Apr 2020

Episode 7: Welcome to the Horror Show!


Ryan Murphy and Grace Murphy (no relation!) join Lauren Spear on the HorrorFam.com Podcast to discuss their IGTV horror anthology series Welcome to the Horror Show!

Welcome to the Horror Show Links:

FULL Written Transcript: https://horrorfam.com/welcome-to-the-horror-show

Apr 2020

Episode 6: “Darcy” TALKS! Diana Prince Interview!


Diana Prince AKA "Darcy the Mail Girl" joined HorrorFam.com's Lauren Spear to talk about all the crazy-cool things she's been doing lately!

No Joe Bob! Absolutely adore him; but, this time, we wanted to shine the spotlight on our beloved "Darcy" and share all the amazing things she does on her OWN for the horror community! She's FAR more than "just" Joe Bob's sidekick — and we're insanely excited about everything she's doing to preserve horror history, support indie creators, and...just...what an adorable horror-loving NERD she is! lol. She's truly one of us, Fam. ♥

But, of course, we also talked about The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs — how could we NOT?! We chatted about the upcoming season, the confirmed (finally!) release dates, annnnnnnnnd Diana hinted to as much as she possibly could about upcoming episodes + guests without violating her non-disclosure agreement! ;)

Diana Prince's Links:

For more Diana Prince, check out...

Her horror-focused website: KinkyHorror.com (NSFW!! "You'll see boobs!")

Follow Diana on Twitter: @Kinky_Horror

Follow Diana on Instagram: @DianaPrinceXO

Be sure and say "hi!" And, if any HorrorFam.com readers/listeners can help Diana with her Monster Vision/horror history preservation project, let her know. The recent lockdown has made it more difficult than it'd normally be for her to get certain aspects of that accomplished, and she could use a hand!

Important Notes:

  1. First, I'd like to apologize to everyone, especially Diana, for the occasional audio glitches in this episode. Diana and I had no end of technical difficulties — we met up THREE times to record this episode! — and we finally got everything working (or so we thought!) and we were like "Yeah! We rocked it! That was awesome!!" And then... I opened the audio file to edit it and just about sobbed. It's not HORRIBLE, don't get me wrong, but there are about 3-4 sentences that got cut off/garbled by my (free) recording program. I filled in the missing pieces as best I could in the written transcript, but... argh! Diana is such a peach and I feel terrible that ANY of her words went missing. :(

    Fortunately, 30 minutes of our 32-minute long convo were totally A-Okay! But... yeah. I'm so sorry! Hopefully I'll have the funds to buy better equipment/software soon. O_o

  1. Many of you are already aware of Diana's previous work in the "adult" film industry... But, for those who aren't: Diana used to be an adult actress. However, with that said, this episode is absolutely on-brand with HorrorFam.com's other PG13 content! Diana didn't even swear! She said "friggin" and "frickin" and was incredibly classy/cute and family-friendly!

  2. Some sensitive topics are discussed in the episode that may be uncomfortable for some folks (though hopefully, ultimately, uplifting). Depression and suicide are both mentioned. If you, or someone you know, is struggling, don't be afraid to seek help. Diana discussed her fight with depression, and you can read a little about my own struggles here... There's no shame in having mental struggles, Fam. But it would be a horrible thing to live in a world without you. ♥

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd... Enjoy the episode! Share it with your friends!

FULL Written Transcript: https://horrorfam.com/diana-prince-interview

Mar 2020

Episode 5: Beetlejuice Special FX — Featuring Painter Rob Tharp!


In honor of its 31st anniversary this month, special FX artist Rob Tharp joins Lauren Spear on the HorrorFam.com Podcast to share behind-the-scenes stories from when he and Cathy Tharp worked on Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice!

Follow along with the written transcript for a peek at amazing never-shown-before photos going behind-the-scenes of the 1988 classic film! https://horrorfam.com/beetlejuice-tharp-fx

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And another HUGE thanks to all the AMAZING HorrorFam.com readers, listeners, and followers who wrote via Twitter/Instagram/DMs/Emails with questions and comments for Rob Tharp (my dad). He was truly touched that y’all cared so much about his — and Mom’s — work.

Mar 2020

Episode 4: Update from Our MutantFam.com “Cousin”


MutantFam.com’s founder, Frank, joined HorrorFam.com’s Lauren Spear to share the FUTURE of (horror) event coordination! Frank gave us a behind-the-scenes look into how the Friday the 13th event with Joe Bob Briggs and Diana Price came to be, how to get involved with MutantFam.com’s weekly mini-events, and — scoop alert! — the next BIG project/event coming out of MutantFam.com!

Franks Links:

More links to Frank’s #MutantFam friends/teammates throughout the written transcript at https://horrorfam.com/mutantfam-announcement — as well as links to MutantFam.com’s next BIG event (officially announced on our podcast!).


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Mar 2020

Episode 3: He Came from the Sky! Interview with Indie Filmmaker and Author Wayne Clingman


Renaissance man Wayne Clingman joins HorrorFam.com’s Lauren Spear to share his love for horror, sci-fi, Wisconsin history, stray cats, and indie filmmaking. Wayne has not one but TWO upcoming film festivals happening in Manitowoc, WI (links below) and he just released another book.


Wayne’s Links:

Indie Film Wisconsin Film Festival - https://filmfreeway.com/IndieFilmWisconsinFilmFestival (use the code horfam1 to get 60% off the submission cost!)

It Came from the Sky Film Festival - https://itcamefromtheskyfilmfestival.com/ (horror + sci-fi film festival co-directed by Jason Love)

Wayne’s books on Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/Wayne-Clingman/e/B07S5Z5WSW/


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Site Link: https://horrorfam.com/wayne-clingman-podcast-interview/

Mar 2020

Episode 2: Best Genre Movies Throughout the Decades — Featuring Robert Tharp! (1930s-1950s)


HorrorFam.com’s founder, Lauren Spear, and her father, Robert Tharp (former practical special FX artist), share their “desert island” picks for the best genre movies throughout the decades. Here, “best” means “movies they enjoyed the most”… and they’ve enjoyed a lot of horror, sci-fi, and fantasy films over the years! Did your personal favorites make either of their Top 10(ish) lists for each decade? Find out!

“Part One” of a two(?!)-part series.

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Written transcript available here: https://horrorfam.com/horror-decades-podcast-1